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2nd Place: Team Suldado De Dora
3rs Place:Team Juanabees
Runners Up:
Team Watermelon
Team Juanderlust
team tuklas with candice iyog, vp for marketing and distribution, cebu pacific
and their adventure coach, paolo abrera.

The Cebu Pacific Juan for Fun Backpacker Challenge, a contest that will bring five (5) teams of students to various Cebu Pacific destinations for an all-expenses paid fun adventure, is open to applicants aged 17-23 years old, enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate program in a college or university in the Philippines for the school year 2013-2014 or 2014-2015.

Meet this year's Top 5 Backpacker Teams!

From 198 entries from 98 colleges and universities in the Philippines, here are the top 5 Juan for Fun Backpacker Challenge student teams for 2014!
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Representing Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, Cams of UP Diliman, Kirk of University of San Carlos Cebu, and Gian of UP Mindanao sure juana win big!




Liang and Mara of ADMU and Julia of UP Diliman have been friends since they were little girls. This is their biggest “big-girl” moment!



Team Suldado De Dora

Phoebe and Cyprian of UP Visayas and Gail of Filamer Christian University make up this zany group of “warriors” from Capiz.




Esme, Floyd, and Gab are Physics majors from UP Diliman. This trio shares a love for not just science, but for travel and adventure as well. 




Paul, Kae, and Jehanna of Cebu Doctor’s University and Informatics Cebu make up the team that is to be the pride of the Queen City of the South this year!


Cams Abandula, 19

Cams is outgoing and unstoppable. She loves travelling anywhere, be it a one-stop jeepney ride or a thousand miles away. She’s passionate about meeting new people, knowing different cultures, learning, and sharing in ordinary and extraordinary moments. She believes that life is an amazing adventure one should cherish and enjoy.

Kirk Coronel, 19

Brave and strong-willed, Kirk has always had an adventurous spirit. She loves to go on journeys and explore places she’s never been to before. Being adventurous gives her the opportunity to experience new things, discover new wonders, and live to the fullest the life God has blessed her.

Gian, 19

Gian’s many adventures have taught him some great lessons; one of which is that life is full of surprises and only those who try to live with these surprises are the ones who are truly happy. For Gian, it’s not about winning or losing but enjoying every second of life, so he chooses to live simply and happily.


Gretchen Ho

Team Juanabees

Watch Team Juanabees' Audition Video HERE!



Liang Borlagdan, 21

The shutterbug planner, Liang spends a lot of time preparing for barkada overnights, outings, and out-of-the country trips. She ensures that they are able to do all of the activities they want to do. As the photographer and videographer of the group, she never misses a chance to capture moments and see the beauty in every scenery, smile, and sunset.

Mara Sy, 21

Ever brave and dependable, Mara is the thrill-seeking treasurer of the group. When they’re out on their adventures, she serves as the money-manager, making sure they have an amazing time with every cent they spend. She loves going on hair-raising, gut-wrenching activities. Aside from the usual tourist spots, she enjoys exploring soon-to-be-popular places.

Julia Negre, 21

The girl scout of the group, Julia is the ever-ready navigator. She keeps all the essentials and ensures that they’re always ready to face any emergency, may it be an injury or an urgent trip to the loo. She also helps the group navigate through busy streets and transportation systems with her wits and keen sense of direction.


Jude Bacalso

Team Juanderlust

Watch Team Juanderlust's Audition Video HERE!



Cyp Basa, 18

Cyp is a junior taking up a double major – Sociology and Psychology. An active youth leader who believes that change comes from within, he is a proud recipient of the ABS-CBN’s Gawad Geny Lopez, Jr. Bayaning Kabataang Pilipino for 2014. He loves blogging, photography, and like any other teen, social networking.

Gail dela Rosa, 17

Gail is a popular athlete who excels in volleyball among all sports she’s into. She has competed in the Western Visayas Athletic Association (WVRAA) representing Capiz in 2012 and continues to play for her college volleyball team. When not busy with sports and her many youth advocacy programs, she loves surfing the Net and watching TV.

Phoebe, 18

As an active youth leader like the rest of her team, Phoebe has been chosen as a Youth Ambassador representing Capiz in MTV EXIT (which stands for End Exploitation and Trafficking). She is an artist who’s into writing, painting, singing, and photography. She loves adventure as much as her teammates.


Bogart the Explorer

Team Suldado De Dora

Watch Team Suldado De Dora's Audition Video HERE!



Esme Escoto, 21

Esme is a fresh graduate of BS Physics cum laude from UP Diliman and is planning to pursue graduate studies. Most of his travels are because of scientific conferences, which have brought him to the islands of Visayas to as far as Germany. Aside from science, he is also passionate about photography, running, cooking, and well, eating.

Floyd Patricio, 22

Floyd is a funny guy who has a passion for the hard sciences. He just recently earned his BS degree in Applied Physics concentrating on Insrumentation Physics. Though science is his first love, Floyd has also his artistic nature. He sings and dances, and has even performed a few times in some college programs. He loves reading and writing, too.

Gab Saplagio, 23

Gab recently graduated with a degree in Applied Physics concentrating in Materials Physics from UP Diliman. He is known for being witty and wacky, with jokes that can crack up even the toughest university professors. A nature lover, he loves backpacking and even couchsurfed in the mountains of Benguet inside a Kalinga hut.


Paolo Abrera

Team Tuklas

Watch Team Tuklas' Audition Video HERE!



Paul Garcia, 22

Born in Laguna, raised in Canada, and now studying in Cebu, Paul brings with him different ideas of adventure. He is energetic and funny, competitive, and lives in the moment.

Kae Lao, 20

Kae is the creative one who has a passion for the arts, photography, and music. A self-confessed daydreamer, she sometimes imagines herself to be someone or somewhere else, depending on what she fancies that day, or imagine her future. She also does volunteer work as a way of giving back the many blessings she enjoys.

Jehanna Huyo-a, 21

You can count on Jehanna to slip pass tricky situations, however fragile she may look. She loves music –singing and playing it. She enjoys being around people and she is most excited when trying out new things. She cites three things she most values: people, moments, and peace.


Luke Landrigan

Team Watermelon

Watch Team Watermelon's Audition Video HERE!



Tourism Malaysia marks its grandest tourism celebration, dubbed Visit Malaysia Year (VMY) 2014, with stepped efforts to attract more visitors to this bubbling, energetic cultural melting pot filled with endless wondrous events, amazing festivals and exciting activities all year round. With its theme of “Celebrating 1Malaysia Truly Asia,” these efforts would position Malaysia as a ... read more

The Challenge

In our first ever international destination, we have not 1, not 2, but 6 different Special Fun Challenges! This exciting series will take our backpackers to the most popular stops in Kuala Lumpur including the twin skyscrapers Petronas Towers, the limestone-forming Batu Caves, and a city tour aboard the KL Hop-On Hop-Off Double Decker Bus. A photo contest, a relay, a food challenge, and a shopping race—all these and more kick off our exciting 9-day, 7-city adventure!

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The City of Bacolod is a major tourism destination in the Province of Negros Occidental in Western Visayas, a cluster of  islands at the heart of the Philippine Archipelago.  The biggest tourism asset of the city is the friendly  and genuinely hospitable people, whose lilting Ilonggo  dialect coupled with their winsome smiles have made Bacolod famous ... read more

The Challenge

In this 3rd destination, our Juan for Fun backpackers are welcomed at the New Government Center. It’s going to be a yummy race tackling a relay and a food challenge. Each one will get to sample the best of Bacolod delicacies the locals are very proud of, bound to make the teams enjoy the adventures at the City of Smiles even more!


The city of Cebu is known as the “Queen City of the South” —and rightly so. As the first Spanish settlement in the Philippines, it has some of the country’s most iconic heritage spots. As a major trading port and site for some of the nation’s fastest-growing industries, it reinforces its multiculturalism with progression. This ... read more

The Challenge

For the third year in a row, Cebu welcomes our backpackers, and this time, with an exciting Special Fun Challenge centered on the beautiful hand-crafted guitars it is known for. Throughout the Spanish period, the gitara or kitara (from the Spanish guitarra) was believed to have been first manufactured in Cebu. Generation after generation, guitar making in Cebu eventually became an industry involving many families. Now, under the guidance of master guitar-makers, our Top 5 will give guitar-making—and maybe guitar-playing!—a shot!


Barely 240 square kilometers in land area, Camiguin is the second smallest island of the Philippines in both area and population. It is just 23 kilometers at its longest and just a bit more than 14 kilometers at its widest. Within this small area lie seven volcanoes. Lovely little Camiguin is the island “born of ... read more

The Challenge

We’re taking our backpackers to the beach! An uninhabited white sandbar with the picturesque Mt. Hibok-hibok and Old Vulcan as a backdrop, White Island Beach plays host to our Top 5 in this exciting obstacle course. With the Challenge originating from Camiguin airport, the Top 5 will race their way to White Island. On the beach, there’ll be more racing, jumping, hoola-hooping, even Camiguin-original Pastel-eating, and for the final task: sea cockroach-catching. Sounds tricky but for locals, it’s actually child’s play!


Cagayan de Oro City, or CDO, is the provincial capital of Misamis Oriental. But its reputation earned it several nicknames. Considered to be the melting pot of Mindanao, CDO is also known as the “Gateway to Northern Mindanao” because of its close proximity and accessibility to other commercial zones in the region, thanks to the ... read more

The Challenge

Tucked away in the mountains of Malasag, Cagayan de Oro, Mapawa Nature Park is a part of a 2,500-hectare property with an abundance of breathtaking waterfalls, exquisite views, and lush flora and fauna. Mapawa Nature Park is a natural haven, not to mention, the perfect campsite! Our backpackers’ will be tasked to outdo each other in basic camping know-how such as pitching and striking a tent, making a fire, and making a bottle sling. Find out who will be our top Boy and Girl scouts in this Special Fun Challenge!

Cagayan De Oro

Manila, the “City of Man”, is the Capital of the Philippines with a rich and colorful history dating back to more than 400 years ago. The city derived its name from the phrase “may nilad,” which literally meant “there is nilad,” in the native language in reference to the flowering mangrove plant that grew on the marshy shores of the bay.

Originally a seaport established in the 12th century at the mouth of the Pasig River, it was captured by Spanish colonizers in 1570 from Muslim Rajah Sulayman. The Spaniards led by conquistador Miguel Lopez de Legazpi built communities around its ruins, and made it the seat of the government from 1571 to 1898. Because of its important role in preserving colonial rule, Manila was bestowed the title “Distinguished and Ever Loyal City” by the King of Spain.

The city remained the nation’s capital when the Americans and later the Japanese took over. During World War II, especially during the city’s liberation in 1945, much of Manila was destroyed.

In 1975, Metro Manila or the National Capital Region was created, which integrat ... read more


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